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Dhs. 16.00
  • 100% NATURAL NUT BUTTER Brawny Bear's Peanut Butter is made using just three real INGREDIENTS: Whole and Sun-Dried Ground Dates, Roasted Peanuts, and a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. Just that, No other Additives and absolutely No Added Flavours or Colours!

  • NO REFINED SUGAR & NO PALM OIL We use naturally sweet dates, roasted peanuts, and a pinch of pink salt to get the perfect mix of salt and sweetness without refined sugar. We never add palm oil or any other oil to our nut butter, so they are good for you and good for the planet. Thanks to our premium quality peanuts, our spreads are packed full of unsaturated fats, the good kind of fat! 

  • WHY DATES- A lot of people say that dates taste caramel-y! Dates are one of the most delicious, NATURALLY SWEET, and low glycemic index fruits on the planet and a fantastic source of fiber, Anti-Oxidants, and Iron. ALL ABOUT THE TASTE! So good you'll probably want to eat it all straight out of the jar in one sitting and be left licking for more!

  • DIET FRIENDLY - It is an excellent addition to any kind of diet. Highly recommended for Children and health-conscious consumers. All our nut butter is vegan friendly, and a great source of natural plant-based protein!