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Dhs. 53.00
  • Perfect for storing thread spools, floss, bobbins, buttons, needles, and small embellishments. The organizer is made of plastic and is made up of transparent, durable, molded plastic. It contains a tray that can store all small embellishments and daily use sewing accessories. It is available in different colors and storage quantity options depending on the need. Keep all your easy-to-lose items organized in one place. Save yourself the hassle of mixing or misplacing your small household sewing items and instead keep them neatly organized in this convenient plastic storage box. Great for sewing thread, other art supplies, thread spools, and bobbins, keep jewelry beads neatly grouped together, and arrange any other art supplies you may have all conveniently in one place. It provides plenty of space so that you never lose your small items again. Stackable box with accessory tray. Designed to hold thread spools. Handy openings along the top edges of this thread box allow the cutting of thread without removing the lid.

    Sewing Kit

    Travel Portable DIY Sewing Supplies Organizer:

    16 Colors Thread



    Sewing Needles

    White Tape Measure