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Dhs. 149.00
ZEROMAX smart touch screen folding electric kettle is a new choice for you to drink and drink, so that you can drink comfortably.
Add water temperature detection sensor, plus real-time temperature LED screen, every 1 °C change you can see in time, sensitive touch screen, one touch can turn on boiling water, dechlorination, heat preservation 3 functions.
40-90 °C multi-stage insulation, warm and long-term standby, can be folded in three seconds with light pressure, the height is reduced by 1/2, the handle can also be disassembled and retractable, storage and peace of mind, no space, easy to carry, 800w high power fast Burn, you can boil a pot of water in seven minutes, the global universal voltage in the 100-240V range can be intelligently switched, and all countries can be used.
ZEROMAX folding kettle body uses silica gel production process, does not contain bisphenol A, let you drink the peace of mind hot water, 304 stainless steel heating plate and lid food grade, does not release any impurities, every drop of water is healthy. Triple water safety protection, intimate guard every day.