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Dhs. 55.00
  • It’s a complete struggle to provide comfort to your neck while traveling, or otherwise, the whole trip will be ruined with unbearable neck pain! No matter if it’s a bus, car, or an airplane, seats are always uncomfortable for the neck, and hence long journeys seem impossible.

    The biggest catastrophe is sleep eludes you in such a neck position, making your dream trip a disaster.

    The ergonomic design of this neck pillow is structured in such a way that the neck never loses support. The travel pillow is bound to be in any position the neck ends up in.

    Most importantly, this design is built considering the most comfortable position for a nap or long sleep. Taking care of the neck posture like a pro makes this travel neck pillow a must-have traveling buddy.

    Fabric Material: Cotton

    Pillow Material: Silk Foam

    multifunction to a neck pillow and an eye mask at the same time

    A perfect-sized pillow that covers your neckline to provide the destress your neck needs

    extension band wraps around your eye to create an eye mask and steadiness to the neck pillow